Projects like Karachi Golf City are true & imperative necessity due to a number of factors;

Karachi used to be the model case for all urban development in Pakistan between 1965 and 1985, after this period the requirement for better accommodation multiplied but no significant development was witnessed in Karachi.

Lahore and Islamabad entered into the mainstream focus from 1997 due to requirement billions of rupees worth of investments were undertaken for the infrastructure and real estate development of these cities.

A serious housing shortage, modern living standards, lack of green environment, high pollution, deteriorating amenities and limited infrastructure created numerous socio-economic problems for the masses.

Modern Living Standards is a requirement for the people of Karachi and especially for the Pakistani expatriates who wished to invest and build their home in the city.

Karachi Golf City had therefore been envisaged and planned by keeping all these facts in mind. What one will be unable to find in Karachi, one will discover it and more in Karachi Golf City.