Built with Care
With a clean atmosphere, a healthy environment, completely secure and beautiful living conditions, Palm Dreams will present an unmatched lifestyle, providing true value for money with all the basic and luxurious conveniences of life. Security is the one element that may not be found in metro cities but will be more than exemplary at Palm Dreams, e.g. boundaries of the entire vicinity will be monitored through satellite.

The project Infrastructure have been designed keeping in view the accessibility factor having mosques, pharmacies, telephone booths, along with strategically located unique community health facilities closer to your home , realizing the need for quality education KGC have planned for High Standard Pre, High Schools & Colleges to create valuable community members, Consumer Retail Shopping Areas are being developed with an assortment of benefits offered to consumers within the vicinity, parks and community centers so that each day is lived and enjoyed to the optimum.

Palm Dream is being developed with a dynamic infrastructure that will allow you to experience the finest standards of living. A few highlights are…

  • Road Network
  • Power supply Network
  • Water supply System
  • Communication Network
  • Sewerage System
  • Storm Water Channels
  • Community Parks
  • Self power generation
  • Purified water supply
  • Water waste treatment
  • Fire fighting system
  • Transportation services
  • Pathways and Walkways

Karachi Golf City presents an unmatched lifestyle featuring a clean atmosphere, a healthy environment and beautiful living conditions; undoubtedly providing true value-for-money.