General Leisure Facilities

Palm Dreams is modeled as a hallmark of superior leisure. We will ensure that your life and time spent here is worth every moment. If you wish to eat out, our restaurants will present the finest delicacies and cuisines, and for that perfect escape, you and your family can spend time at the side of a naturally landscape lake or in a flower garden.

Recreation Development In Karachi Golf City

Green Swings Golf Range

An 18-hole golf course is being designed at Karachi Golf City which will eventually be transformed as an important landmark for our country and where international and domestic tournaments could be conventionally held.

KGC Motorsports Club and Speed way

For the first time in Pakistan, structured and multiple motor sport race tracks are being professionally designed and which will offer facilities for a wide range of motor sporting events.

Water Holes

At par with world class recreation standards, Water Holes will be an ideal family-recreation water park which will attract hordes of fun seekers from Karachi and all over the country.

Fun Days

Inspired by the legendary Disney standards, Fun Days will be Pakistan's premier facility - an amusement park which will provide all day and non-stop excitement for all ages.

Fun Town

For Phase 1 of Karachi Golf City, an exclusive and entertaining theme park, Fun Town, is being planned and scheduled for a near future launch.

KGC Country Club

Bringing diverse leisure and recreational services under one-roof, the KGC Country Club will be an exclusive facility to entertain your friends and family in the luxurious ambience you have always dreamt of.

Kingdom Wildlife Safari & Sanctuary

Enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat at Kingdom. Planned as a safari and sanctuary, Kingdom will in a special way bring you the colors of Africa. The unique setting of the park will provide many opportunities to get up-close with WILDLIFE.

Palm Sports Arena

Palm Sports Arena will offer modern sport facilities including those for the x-sports such as BMX, rock climbing, skateboarding and motocross. Conventional but entertaining sports like swimming, athletes and gymnastics will also be held both as an event and through coaching management.

Eagle's Den Airfield & Aviation Club

The club will offer handling facilities for Cessna and short range jet aircraft. It will also offer recreational services of air safari, aircraft rental and flying adventures including sports of hand gliding, para-jumping and hot air ballooning.

Green Swings Golf Range 175 Acres
KGC Motorsport Club & Speedway 104 Acres
Water Holes (Water Park) 26 Acres
Fun Days (Theme Park) 23 Acres
KGC Country Club 48 Acres
Kingdom Wildlife Safari & Sanctuary 202 Acres
Palm Sport Arena 28 Acres
Cricket Stadium 19 Acres
Hockey Club 12 Acres